Soartronic BT2
The original Soartronic BT1 used the 3.3V provided by the FLARM unit, like a simple external display. However FLARM can only power 2 external devices like BT1 or display. Both draw about 45 mA current, and FLARM promises about 100 mA. This has been a problem specially in double seater planes. Now we have Soatronic BT2 awailable to cope with this problem.

BT2 has build-in regulator that makes 3.3V from 12V input. 12V can be taken from IGC standard wiring. So it remains plug and play -type solution, user just needs to select the 3.3V source with a jumper, either 3.3V from FLARM or internally regulated from 12V.

(12V can be connected into separate connection points for those who know electronics. There is also place for zener diode for reverse current protection)

Samsung note 3
Samsung note 3 IOIO support is broken! IOIO, uart interface and ST1 devices are not working with note 3. If you own note 3, please wait that problem is solved...

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Soartronic IOIO uart interface v2e manual.
New manual can be found from our support site: Soartronic IOIO uart interface v2e manual.