Q: I have made a payment via PayPal, but I did not get any answer or delivery date. When should I expect to receive my order?
A: We take orders only if we have components in stock. Soldering the board or collecting the components for your DIY kit will take few days, and your order will be posted within 7 days. After that delivery will take 3-10 days.

Q: I was not able to complete my order, PayPal tells that the item is sold out. What should I do?
A: Looks like we are currently out of stock, or you are trying to order larger quantity that what we have on stock. We do not take new orders, if we cannot deliver without delay. Please try again later, or if you need Soartronic components urgently, please email us to soartronic (at) gmail.com.

Q: My android device doesnt detect IOIO/Soartronic board?
A: Depending on the version of android, enable or disable USB debugging in android settings and adjust IOIO's charge trimmer.

Q: Can i use RJ12 wire instead of RJ45 wire?
A: Yes. Pins 1,2 and 7,8 of RJ45 connectors are connected together, so RJ12 can be also used.

Q: What is order or pin numbering of RJ45 connectors?
A: Look from our downloads page.

Q: Can i use xxx device with BT1?
A: BT1 is designed for flarm and it's display. With correct RJ cable you can connect any serial device that use 19200 baudrate to the flarm port.

Q: Can i use flarm and xxx device together with BT1?
A: No, BT1 allows only one serial device.

Q: I need bluetooth connection and i have more than one serial devices, how i can connect it?
A: You can use IOIO interface and bluetooth dongle.

Q: I dont find the information that i need.
A: Send a email to us.